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Patrol Commander

Captain James Botlon

The Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Bolton. It is the uniformed component of the police department that performs the primary function of patrol duty – accounting for the largest number of the Department’s sworn officers.

Exemplifying the true pride and tradition of the Department, the Patrol Division is marked by a philosophy of teamwork. The bureau’s patrol function, in its simplest terms, is the prevention and deterrence of criminal activity and the provision of day-to-day police service to the community. The work performed by officers of this division is massive in its scope. Their mission is to protect life and property, to prevent and suppress crime, and to preserve the public order, all in the effort to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for the citizens of our community. These are the officers who are most likely the first to respond to any call for service. They quell disturbances, write reports and conduct preliminary investigations regarding criminal activity, investigate traffic accidents, and apprehend violators of state and local laws, among other things. Unlike departmental members assigned to specific tasks, the uniformed patrol officer must be knowledgeable and proficient at a variety of tasks. Practicing the concept of community oriented policing, the uniformed officers are highly trained in recognizing neighborhood concerns in addition to criminal activity. Officers assigned to this division are the most visible symbols of all city services and are considered the foundation on which other police services are delivered.

Officers typically are assigned to a particular shift (days, swing or nights) all of which are 12 hours shifts. Each of these shifts provide coverage of the city in four beats which allow for a blanketed coverage and quicker response times. Each shift is comprised of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division also has a DUI officer that patrols during peak hours to strictly enforce the states DUI laws.

Each member of the Patrol Division is dedicated to the department mission of Partnership, Pride and Progress. If you need additional information feel free to contact any member of the Patrol Division. We are here to provide a friendly, professional and courteous service to you, the citizens of Picayune.

Captain James Bolton can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone at (601) 798-7411