Parks & Recreation

Crosby Commons

Enjoy Picayune’s newest park features:

  • 1 024 square foot outdoor stage/theater
  • 2 public restrooms
  • 2 private restrooms
  • 2 changing rooms (for performers)
  • Sound system – 1 microphone, 2 speakers on stage, and 26 speakers surrounding the park
  • 5 acres of fenced-in greenspace available for events
  • Picayune citizens can enjoy the 1/3 mile walking track, and 16 benches around the green space. Music is played from 5 am to 10 pm daily.

Citizens can purchase restroom key fobs for an annual fee of $25. Key fobs can be purchased at the City Hall Utility Office.

Event Rental Information

Call Taylor at 601-798-9770 or send an email Park Rentals. Or you request to reserve a park online (this does not guarantee that you will have the park for the time, it’s just to request that date/time/park).

Friendship Park

Located at 701 South Haugh

Enjoy Picayune’s favorite Sports Complex equipped with tennis courts, baseball fields, a splash pad, and The Kids Kingdom Playground.