Special Projects & Grants

The Special Projects and Grants Department’s main purpose is to show the public that Picayune is friendly, warm, and welcoming but also open for business. We hope that you will come be a part of Picayune as we grow! We strive for growth that is positive so that we can maintain that small-town charm.

Director of Retirement Development:

Picayune is one of the 14 Certified Retirement Cities in the State of Mississippi.  Our goal is to promote the city of Picayune as a new hometown-of-choice to retirees and to keep retirees who relocate to Picayune feeling welcomed in their new hometown.

Calling All Entertainment Acts

Are you an act hoping to get placed on one of the City’s events? Please complete and submit Entertainment Act Request form. We always need marching bands, concert bands, school and church choirs, community choirs, comedians, Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Darth Vader, and other entertainers for our many city-sponsored events throughout the year. Any submission will be vetted and before being placed on a city event, the act will be chosen by the committee that is overseeing the event.

Entertainment Act Request

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