Utility Billing

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About Utility Billing

This department processes all the billing for the utility department. The clerks receive payment for bills on gas, water, sewer, and garbage services. The payment for deposits and tap fees on transfers and new accounts are also received in this office. Customers not using gas during the summer months can do a summer cut off and not be billed for those months that service is off. The charge will be $50 to turn services off and $50 to turn services back on.

Garbage bags are sold at the cost of $8.

Reconnect Fees

All reconnect fees from 8 am to 4:30 pm are $50. Any new or cut off account done after 4:30 will pay an after service charge of $75. All NSF Checks are charged a fee of $30. When a customer has been cut off for non-payment a $50 fee will be charged to their account. The new late fees for billing are $10.00 after the given 20 days. A customer can also set up their account to be paid by bank drafts (ACH debits) free of charge to the customer for this transaction.  When a customer has been cut off for 30 days without payment, their account will be closed.

Utility Bills

Utility bills are mailed by the first of each month and are due by the 21st of each month.

Gas and water meters are read on or about the 15th of the month. Service orders for cut on / cut off accounts are done between 1 and 5 pm.

Contact Persons on Meters

Jared Beech Office Phone: 601-273-6822


  • Water meter tampering fine is $250
  • Gas meter tampering fine is $500

Pearl River County Utility Authority

The Pearl River County Utility Authority currently owns and operates the following Picayune systems :

  • Picayune sewer collection and wastewater treatment
  • Dixie Utilities sewer collection, wastewater treatment, and water supply

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